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About Us



Our philosophy at West Texas Medical Associates, we value each and every one of our patients and their right to choose their doctor. We strive daily to demonstrate our respect for each person's dignity. By providing care with board certified physicians, by excelling in advancements in technology, and by providing caring and friendly service, our patients and their families can truly Experience the Difference of WTMA.




We use the most advanced technology available to provide you with only the best of care. Your medical record is computerized so that we are able to keep your information up-to-date and secure. West Texas Medical Associates has become a leader in the nation for this advanced medical record technology.




Our clinic was originally founded in 1920 by a surgeon, Dr. H. P. Rush, who moved here from Deleon, Texas, to begin his practice. A few years later he was joined in practice by Dr. W. E. Schuelkey. In 1926, Dr. D. D. Wall joined them in the practice of obstetrics and gynecology. Needing additional space for their practices, the physicians borrowed $30,000 and built an eight bed hospital and clinic at 224 W. Beauregard and named it the Rush, Schuelkey and Wall Clinic. Dr. Windos, an ENT physician, Dr. Rataan, an internist, and Dr. Robert Finks, the first-trained pediatrician west of Ft. Worth, Texas, joined the clinic. The clinic and hospital had expanded to 24 beds to accommodate the new physician practices. Dr. Rush left San Angelo and the physicians removed their names from the clinic and hospital and renamed it “The Clinic Hospital.” After WWII the clinic added several new physicians in the 1950's, including Dr. Engelking, ENT, Dr. W. Brauns, internist, Dr. Roy Moon, OB/GYN and Dr. Chase, pediatrician.

In 1970 the physicians sold the hospital to a not for profit foundation and named the hospital Clinic Hospital. The physicians incorporated into a multi-specialty group named Clinic Hospital Medical Associates. The Clinic Hospital moved in 1977 from its downtown location to its current location at 3501 Knickerbocker Road and changed its name to Angelo Community Hospital. The eleven physicians of the Clinic Hospital Medical Associates moved their clinic from its location downtown to its current location at 3605 Executive Drive, and changed its name to West Texas Medical Associates.