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Audiology & Hearing Aid Center



What is Audiology?

Audiologists are concerned with the evaluation of hearing, the prevention of hearing loss, and the rehabilitation of persons with hearing impairment. They also work with patients with disorders of the equilibrium.


Check your Hearing Ability


  1. Do you have to ask people to speak up or repeat themselves?

  2. Do you often pretend that you hear others when you really don't?

  3. Does your hearing loss cause you or your family members to become frustrated when trying to talk to you?

  4. Is your hearing loss affecting your relationship with your spouse, children, family or friends?

  5. Do you often find yourself shutting down when you are in a crowd of people or restaurant as it is too difficult to understand others and follow the conversation?

  6. Do you complain that everyone is mumbling or speaking too softly?

  7. Is your TV up louder but you don't find the voices any clear?

  8. Are you willing to take the next step if you do find out that you have a hearing loss?

  9. Does turning up the TV not make voices clearer?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, call to schedule an appointment for a free hearing evaluation. It is important to get help.



Full, diagnostic, comprehensive, audiometeric evaluations

Hearing Aid Fittings

Hearing Aid Repairs and Services

Real-Ear measurements to verify hearing aid programming

Hearing aid supplies and batteries

Technology & Styles


WTMA Audiology & Hearing Center will work with you to determine which hearing aid will best benefit you according to your lifestyle (family, social, hobbies, occupation, etc.), and your budget. We are here to try and alleviate the frustration and make your life a little easier to manage.