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What to Expect on the Day of my Visit?


Please arrive a few minutes early in order to register. For your security, you will be asked to show your photo ID and insurance card at each visit. In addition, you will be asked to
• Pay your co-pay or co-insurance
• Allow a photo to be taken for your medical records.
• Verify demographics

Your visit:
WTMA providers strive to ensure our patients have the best possible care. Please be understanding if your physician is running behind. He or she will spend as much time ensuring that your needs are met when visiting with you.

Additional tests and procedures:
Your physician may determine that your needs are best met by scheduling additional tests or procedures. Upon scheduling these procedures, your physician sends orders to our Patient Services Department. One of our representatives will then contact your insurance company to determine if you have benefits to help cover your costs and if a precertification or pre-authorization is required. You will be contacted with your estimate cost prior to your procedure. Payment for these services is due at that time. Please understand that verification of coverage from your insurance company is NOT a guarantee of payment. It is only a description of benefits available. Your insurance company will determine payment after the claim is submitted. Payment by your insurance company is subject to eligibility coverage and contract limitations at the time services are rendered.